Authors of A Quiet Greatness Mark R. Brinker and Myron T. Vernis fight over a trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

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"The Japanese auto industry has a sixty-year legacy in the United States, yet no one has created a serious and beautiful book for collectors and enthusiasts...until now. Through A Quiet Greatness, our hope is to inform enthusiasts of Japan’s great automotive accomplishments and legitimize their place in the collector car spectrum."
- Authors Mark R. Brinker and Myron T. Vernis

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Authors Mark R. Brinker (left) & Myron T. Vernis (right) fight over a trophy at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. 

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A Quiet Greatness' Is a Multi-Volume Celebration of Japanese Collectible Cars



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A quiet Greatness: fünf Bände, 1.395 Seiten

Japans erstaunlichste Autos


"A quiet Greatness" zeigt die erstaunlichsten japanischen Autos. Das Buch-Set von Mark R. Brinker und Myron T. Vernis hat fünf Bände und 1.395 Seiten.Jetzt lesen
 › trendsA Quiet Greatness gives the Japanese collector car market the respect it deserves



A Quiet Greatness: Japan’s Most Astonishing Book of the month Everything about this…


 Barbara McIntyre

Special to USA TODAY Network - Ohio

'A Quiet Greatness'

Akron native Myron T. Vernis has French, German and Italian cars in his renowned and eclectic collection, but he has more recently focused on Japanese cars, the subject of "A Quiet Greatness: Japan's Most Astonishing Automobiles for the Collector & Enthusiast," the astonishing 35 pounds of eye candy he assembled with fellow collector Mark R. Brinker, a Houston orthopedic surgeon.

Vernis said that he was inspired to renew his interest in Japanese cars by younger enthusiasts: "Their passion renewed my passion." The four huge volumes cover 16 manufacturers, in alphabetical order from Diahatsu to Yamaha, with 2,200 images, most photos taken especially for the book but also historical photos and pictures of marketing brochures.

The project uses the highest quality of photography, reproduction and materials - to say "no expense has been spared" is an understatement.

Vernis said that he and Brinker had "great cooperation" from everyone they asked for help, with full access to all manufacturer archives.In addition to the four main volumes, there is an

86-page supplement with an index, the photo credits, racing statistics and minutiae like engine and chassis designations."A Quiet Greatness" (1,400 pages, hardcover in case)